Both redi-made and customized, commissioned works made from steel, copper, stainless steel and/or brass are available for purchase. All works are hand fabricated, forged and are professionally finished. Depending on the desired effect, application, and exhibition environment, metal works can also be painted partially or fully painted by hand.

With a studio located in Philadelphia, PA, Phillips' Metal accepts commercial and private commissions, sales of it's redi-made pieces, invitations to tour/exhibit existing collections of work and engagements for educational lectures, workshops and studio demonstrations.

To obtain more information, or discuss the purchase of redi-made or consignment metal works, please use the phone numbers and/or addresses at the bottom of our pages.

Robert Phillips  2132 E. Arizona Street Philadelphia, PA 19125 shop 215.739.6977 office 610.664.1436 fax 610.668.7758